Saturday, January 09, 2010

If I was in Elementary School Again

Sometimes I wish I could do elementary school over again. Instead of being shy I would have showed my sense of sarcasm. I remember a string of years where the assigned essays were always about recycling and reducing waste. If I had to do those essays over again it would go like:

When going green global planning is important. Otherwise Bear Grylls won't have any styrofoam to build a raft out of when he's taping Man vs. Wild. Also, he should really put a disclaimer on the beginning of his show that says "All animals were harmed during the filming of this show".

What elementary school essays would you rewrite?


Alyssa Goodnight said...

The only ones I remember writing were the type that required you to specify what your future life would be like.

Well I've never been a teacher, never had long wavy hair, and never, in my adult life, been as enamored of scented markers and cutesy desk accessories as I was then. I was very impressionable.

Jennie said...

That show is totally crazy. I don't really remember any essays I had to write, except maybe those "What I did over the summer" essays. I'd love to make up some fantastical stuff just to see if any of my teacher's would have called bs.

Miss Chevious said...

speaking as a 3rd grade teacher, it saddens me that sarcasm isn't appreciated at an earlier age. then again, in my case it's probably for the best. my snarky comments tend to fly over their heads--they think i'm kidding and start laughing. which i guess is good because i get to release the sarcasm and yet they don't know enough to be offended. :)

Barrie said...

Like Jennie, I remember the "What I Did With My Summer" essays. Maybe I could've made up some really incredible summers!