Friday, July 09, 2010

Notes from Saradelphia

My big act as princess this week was that I banished a completely full bottle of cotton scented Bed, Bath & Beyond hand soap. It was given to me as a gift and I was intrigued that when people thought of what I would like they thought of cotton.

The problem? It smells like an old lady. At first I just exiled the soap to my guest bathroom but after my guests started smelling like old lady diplomatic relationships broke down. Then I went to the grocery store and bought a no name cucumber watermelon brand because it says wowerful on the back. So my overall current mood and philosophy for the day is wowerful.


heidikins said...

Wowerful? Goodness, that's deep. ;)


Stacy said...

I kind of like cotton scented stuff (which, I guess, is technically laundry detergent scented, but "detergent" doesn't sound quite as nice as "clean cotton"), but I probably wouldn't like to smell like it myself.

But I always approve of new royal decrees from Saradelphia.

Hmm, word verification is "perch." I hope that doesn't mean Bed, Bath, and Beyond is coming out with a fish-scented hand soap. Disturbing. Very disturbing.

Allie said...

What did the bed bath and beyond soap say on the back?

WV: inept :)

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Sounds like scent-overload at your house. I can't have much of anything or else it sends my husband into a sneezing frenzy. We are the people who buy 'scent-free'.

Maybe keep the old-lady soap and use it for first dates...