Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Et tu Random Bus Guy?

I realize that the past 5 or 6 posts have been about how weird Utah is. Just all of this is happening in such a short succession that it's the first time I've ever considered moving out of the state. People keep pointing out how weird it is that I'm normal, and I've never listened before.

Sure, I know it is true but I look at the beautiful mountains, and how safe it is besides the people putting extra cheese on your credit card at taco bell, and the super affordable cost of living, and I stay. I stay because such a beautiful place shouldn't just be for crazy people. Also, the fact that our license plates would say "Utah: not just for crazy people" is the reason I don't work on the tourism board. Really, it's a lovely place and I've always wanted to raise a family here. If you're single and 29 though apparently just weirdness is unleashed on you. However, I don't know where else I would go to find people somewhat like me unless there's like somewhere called Crapbag, Illinois. Also "Our Town is a Crap Pile" is an acceptable name and I'd live pretty much in any state for that.

So today, this group got on the bus, 8 older people; obviously on vacation. An older gentleman and his wife sat in front of me. The guy turns around and says "Where is your man?" I thought he was referring to the little boys running in the back of the bus. I smiled politely and said they weren't mine. He repeated the question again. I just looked at him blankly because who would possibly say this to a random girl? Then he motioned to the empty seat next to me and said "What? Did you lose him or something?" and the entire bus broke out laughing. Ummm random bus guy, I know this dentist you are going to love.


heidikins said...

Seriously? I really am unsure about where exactly you live, but goodness, you sure have some crazies around you!


Allie said...

Oh, my.

But if you left, where would you find such peerless blogging material?

Trish Ryan said...

You're right...such a beautiful place shouldn't be just for crazy people. But since it's obviously FILLED with crazy people, you should move to New England. Because here, it's totally normal to be 29 and ride the bus without an escort!

(But Allie is right...if you moved we'd miss out on priceless blogging fun...)

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Ugh! He was probably a fraternity guy once upon a time. And this was his misguided way of trying to impress all his buddies.

Barrie said...

Even weirder than his comment is that everyone thought this was funny. I should mention that you'd be quite at home next to an empty bus seat in San Diego. Although....we have lousy public transportation!

LEstes65 said...

Trish, I think New England NEEDS HRH Sarakastic. I have no doubt she would find endless blog-fodder. And don't even get me STAHDID on the virtual cornucopia of material here in TX!!!

But oh the endless number of retorts I can think of for random bus guy. None of which would have entered my head at that exact moment on the bus, of course. But now? Yes, they are endless.