Monday, October 10, 2011

Even More Reasons I'm Not Married

Regardless of religious affiliations; this one problem has been getting in my way a lot lately with dating and even simply conversing with people. I don't like the apocalypse. I personally think that you should not use it as a solution to say global warming. Yes, the whole earth could be destroyed soon. Another solution would just be to all change our light bulbs and carry fabric grocery bags...but you know your way works too.

Even when people aren't religious, maybe it's just the area I live in, but there's always some guy who wants to live off the grid. Every single time I try to talk lately, it seems to come up. It's sad that I have to state this yet again; but I am not interested in anyone who knows more than 20 ways to recycle urine. I love the grid; that's where they keep all the candy bars.


Stacy said...

Utah may be pretty, but there are still 49 other states. I wouldn't recommend the Dakotas, but still lots of options for you. :)

Allie said...


Barrie said...

My husband has a fantasy of living off the grid. It's like it came out of nowhere!! Perhaps he took a secret trip to Utah? :)