Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sarakastic's favorite things

I recently saw an ad touting Oprah's favorite superfood, the acai berry. My first thought was "The acai berry is my favorite superfood too." My second thought was "I'm starting to think whatever Oprah tells me. No! I will find my own superfood. Are there any foods that actually punch people in the mouth?" Here is my list of favorite things from this year, totally independent of Oprah.
  • Favorite eccentricity: I've started wearing faux fur coats. All the time. I am warm & feel like a young Joan Crawford before she went all no wire hangers. Either that or a bear. My look is now as eccentric as my personality. The only other way to accomplish this would've been to own one hundred cats.
  • Favorite previously untapped genre of potential suitors: Ninjas
  • Favorite word that is not really a word: Awesomeosity
  • Favorite word that is really a word: Pugnacity.
  • Favorite anecdote to sum up my year: My mom was telling me to be grateful even though my car & computer both went to heaven within three days of each other. No, I did not smash anything with a hammer. She said, at least you still have hair. Then she looked closer & said "there's a bug in your hair. " She pulled the bug out & without missing a beat said, "it's a ladybug, it's good luck". Five minutes later I got a call saying the dealer had the perfect car for me.
  • Favorite reply to "what do you want to be?" Awesome. "Can't you be more specific?" Insanely awesome.
  • Favorite way someone persuaded me to be good so I can go to heaven: "Maybe you'll be able to shoot lasers out of your eyes."
  • Favorite superfood: Chewy sour jolly ranchers.
  • Favorite quote but I can't remember who said it or why: "When life gives you lemons throw them at people."
What are your favorite things?


Sarakastic said...
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rubytuesdays said...

I now have "These are a few of my favorite things" from the sound of music in my head...

Barrie said...

I can't leave a comment. I'm too busy laughing!

Packsaddle said...

Drawing upon my vast psychological training (defined as "a couple of undergraduate classes back in college"), I critically examined in painstaking detail your two favorite words and have concluded that you are emotionally attached to the suffix "-ity".


Alyssa Goodnight said...

I thought you'd already been tapping that suitor resource--or is it just new this year?

I think my favorite superfood is cantalope. I really need to see what the fuss is about acai though, Oprah or no Oprah.

I'm now off to check out your favorite CD.

ellesappelle said...

"Insanely awesome" - *giggles*

I have no idea what acai berries are but I do like guarana berries as featured in my favourite energy drink...

~Virginia~ said...

i could sit here for hours and not come up with 1 favorite thing that could be nearly as witty or funny as yours.